That one change | Poem

..keeping aside all the  worries and work ,
A man I knew , wanted to say something new .

Heard , so much of negativity before he could say ,
That he became silent for all the days that came , hence .

Bharath R Rao



You humiliate the sand , 
It will hit you back like a rock .

You humiliate rock , 
It will hinder you as a wall .

You humiliate the wall ,
It will kidnap you in a room .

You humiliate the room ,
It will kick you out in the storm .

You humiliate the storm ,
It will rip you apart into pieces .

Instead , respect what you have ,
What others have , be in pieces or surplus .

The moment you begin , 
The humiliation will return to kiss your feet 

Bharath R Rao

Strong girl

Opportunities in one hand , worries in another ,
Balance , if you lose , you lose your battle .

Stay head strong , stay focused ,
Nothing can put you down , or leave behind .

Hold the good memories , that strengthen you ,
Hold the weaker ones too , to strengthen them in return .

Your will , is your power ,
You wisdom , is your partner .

You can defeat all odds , shut all mouths ,
You can emerge a king , in the gown of the queen , you are .

Best creations , of Lord , ought not cry as weak as this ,
They are there to smile , as if it’s His’ !

Bharath R Rao

Said so

Nature said , you love me for relief ,
Tongue said , I have no belief .

Sense said , they all lie , and you are no different ,
Body said , you only want to to lay , you are no different .

But , there stood firm a feel ,
There stood a medicinal value and heal .

I said , to that flesh ,
Hate me more , if you feel so .

Love me not , for if I am no different ,
Hate , them for they are the same .

The blood spilled out , said I feel dishonest ,
Hand , held them , you are not at blame  .

Request asked to leave it alone ,
Honesty said , how I could , when you never left me .

Bharath R Rao

Timeline ft Shah Rukh Khan

When , I be at your profile , 
I read the handle with delight .

This is the moment , this is the time ,
I feel embraced , and feel all of this is mine .

Then , I begin it , 
This way . . . . 

You are my podium , you are my stage ,
You are my audience , you are my praise .

I feel well here , I feel good this way ,
Accept my regards , accept my reverence .

Bharath R Rao

I am a shy guy

I am a shy guy , outspoken though ,
But , I am shy of course , believe me .

I may want a big castle , and a bungalow ,
But , I want the life in it to be private and low .

I may , yell it out loud in public , write my heart out ,
But , I like certain decorum to not go beyond this wall .

Nature it is , since years ,
Years have passed with this complicated delicacy  .

I don’t want to hurt , saying this over and over again ,
But , I am shy for all such things .

Bharath R Rao

“Write for me a letter” , said ..

Everything has a time ,
Every day is mine ,

Let the day be yours , or call it ours ,
Keep it as a present or as a cure .

You never write this for me ,
I told you several times .

Say , it with mirth , say it aloud ,
Let they hear ,  let them swallow .

Go into the open space  , get some fresh air ,
Spell it out even louder  , let them feel it too .

I have felt it , I have seen it , [but] ,
Have not heard it often , from you .

I demand an epic , ages old style letter ,
In my name , in the name of truth,honesty and good news .

Not that , I know not ,
Not that , not that it cannot .

But , for the pleasure , it holds ,
For the peace it gives .

For the frustration , it vanishes ,
For the purity it reveals  .

Say it , say it several times ,
I hear it from many , but from special mine .

From others , it sounds gross or just good ,
From you  , I know it would be as pure as you.

Length of your writing , is upto you ,
Motions , should pierce my heart and reach back to you .

I ‘ll appreciate and nod a yes , for all you write ,
Write it like never written before .

Let they , be jealous ,
Let they , be at unrest .

Not that , they have done injustice ,
But , just because they haven’t been as expressive as you.

Thereby , I made a request to you in private ,
But , let the answer be made public .

Let the museums , have it in highest jewel ,
Let it be , the wealthiest master penned .

Worry not , about the handwriting ,
Its beautiful , with patience and style .

Worry about , pleasing me ,
For all I bow , is now or never .

It may sound as a joke , it will ,
I was infact joking , when I said worry .

I have complete faith in you ,
Whatever you do , I ‘ll abide by .

Whatever you write  ,
Will be for me , in facts .

Bharath R Rao


He spoke to me  . . . . .

Those eyes rain now ,
Heavier than ever recorded ,
Enough to drench the droughted land ,
Boon for farmers ?

Every inch of his skin groans and growls ,
Louder than the loudest shriek ,
Severe than the labour pain ,
Mother is blessed or vicitim is cursed ?

Not a morsel , digests down the gutt ,
Like the apex that remains fixed to its position ,
Its , will against necessity ,
Good for statues , but human ?

Hearing him ,  I feel sorrow ,
Not about what I hear from him ,
But about his loneliness ,
Is talking to a wall , all is what he deserves ?

Ailing , coughing ,  he walks in his old age ,
Young he is , strong and firm though ,
Gloomy scar has wrapped him all around ,
Like a tattoo or never ending memory ?

Asked him , suggested him , to have faith ,
He listened , agreed , and follows even ,
Odds are in number while hopes at least ,
Killing him every second  or  paralyzed forever ?

Months went by , weeks are in motion ,
Months will go again , weeks will retrace back ,
Weak he ‘ll remain forever if he holds not firm to the months he has ,
To be strong or to feel defeated ?

I feel defeated ,  I lost to his questions ,
I never felt short of answers , but he failed me ,
I can only hope for wellness ,
Can’t say if , he get back to track or derail !

Bharath R Rao


That midnight ,  I slept like I won’t sleep ,
I slept like , it was a day , waiting for the night .

I had to arise before the sun did in my place ,
I had to , when clock struck 3 in the morning .

But , the sleep diagnosed me to the best ,
Kept me in its arm till the late in morning .

Only , to find in the morning , that I failed ,
To get up , before the sun did .

I failed to be punctual , they speak about ,
I let down my sun , who was waiting to be defeated .

Bharath R Rao


A roar of a tigress  , a cry of an ailing bird . . .

I was a tigress then ,
I made my own way .

I jumped onto you ,
And , scratched you to death .

Was that a mistake or your destiny ?
For you returned alive , even worse .

I feel caged now ,
My wings of freedom have begun to wither .

I was sorry before , but not anymore ,
You were alive then but now , dead forever .

My claws that were strong once ,
Are weaker like nails .

My mind that was fearless at that peak ,
Is wanting peace that a bird deserves .

Forgive me for my sins ,
Be not a sinner , in return .

Leave me alone at my den ,
Free me from this cage you made .

I am a lone survivor ,
Not a bird that you [want to] buy her .

Bharath R Rao