That Essence

Sitting aside a window seat ,
Gazing the scenarios passing by ,
I breath good in the freshest of the air around , 
I feel alive , living the peacock’s life .

I get swayed away from the truth and miseries of the real life ,
I find it hard here , while good living the happy life .

The truth isnt very far , but isnt as sweet as the happy life , 
The life in itself an half filled glass ,
With we as as observer seeing it as we want ,
The filled part or the empty and grey .

I love this illusion , every bit , 
I love calling life an illusion ,
I love living this illusion ,
I am occupied in this prison ,
I am loving being a prisoner 


The Squirrel Rush


. . .was having a good walk by the river side along my mother that , we heard some sound . Turned above and happened to see this beautiful tiny creature 🙂 It was lovely photographing it 🙂 – Bharath R Rao

What do you people have to say about it ? *curious*

After so long

…. and this evening I spoke to her , it felt so nice ,
I saw her after so long , it was so pure a divine ,
I could see her smile , I could see the queen ,
I could see the happiest her , I could feel the happiest me .I could not hug her then , I could not touch her then ,
She was on the other side , I was just by my side ,
I wish I was there too , that lovely blue T was next to me ,
I wish it was me downstairs calling your name , after the 1 hour fame ,
I don’t know , how I held up my self , I was living a heaven then .

What did we speak ? More than goofing up ,
We saw each for an hour and a few more ,
We smiled , we laughed , we had a good time ,
It was all abstract perhaps , a virtual mirage ,

It was . . . . . (teary eyed) . . 

Gadget Addiction

I need to see , I need to feel this techno thing ,
The virtual me , the unknown thee(you),
I may not live as lovely as this ,
This is new(invention) , this is unreal , this is the 21st century ,
I need to see , I need to feel , I . . I  . .ah ! yes I am addicted .

I rise , I sleep , I live along with ,
The best gift of man to himself , the “gizmos” he named ,
Still on a voyage for more to see , the virtual world has more to reveal ,
These gadget does everything for me ,
Who needs another friend than these ,

I need to see , I need to feel , I . . I  . .ah ! yes I am addicted .
I am hooked , I am cooked , to live with it ,
I see the sturdy Nokia , I see the classy Apple ,
I see the info and write the same I babble ,
I post , I tweet , I blog , I whatsapp ,
I read , I forward , as soon as I can ,
These Gizmos help me do it all , hence ,
I need to see , I need to feel , I . . I  . .ah ! yes I am addicted .
I want to live everything of it , till I evaporate ,
I may go with an evidence , leaving behind the pretty virtual world ,
The only world I lived for and lived by ,
But what I really had in return ? Apart from my life this easy ?
Here I sum up the gift and giveaways , of our gadgets and addiction around .

Before it , we saw sunrise ,we ate good ,
We were fit for everything , we did it all ,
Now its even better , we feel the Facebook , we eat the pseudo applause ,
We are fit for nil , we do nothing at all .

Life was never this easy before , freedom of speech was never this quick ,
I go rich when I use , the gadgets I have , that help me express in a minutes’ span ,
I have the best of Processor , RAM , and specifications  along , in the budget I have ,
I am loving it , the interface , the productivity , the backup ,
But , what am I missing in return ? The real life ? or the real me ?
We all do have an answer right ? but to speak , why ?
I know . . ah yes , I know , its because . . .

WE need to see , WE need to feel , WE . . WE  . .ah ! yes WE are addicted .

Shakti Mill Agony

 . . . I declare my agony against the section 376E of the Indian Penal Code

The code stipulates death sentence , I like it ,
For the repeat case convicts , is what I hate it for ,
Is this the code of conduct , I question ?
Really , does “REPEAT” make any sense , you fool ?

I burst out loud from within ,
I find no courage to read it up to the brim ,
I sink in the ocean of disgrace ,
I keep thinking is my mother and women around that very safe .

I feel guilty for their shame , I feel villain for not doing anything for the same ,
I feel to stuck ’em high on the nail , I wish to put ’em to death on the very first day ,
Offence is being worshiped , chances of improvement for a stone , makes no sense .

The new rape cult has formed , people down with no etiquette ,
Which fishy womb they born in ?
What did they plead to the Lord before they had such sins ?
What sin they do , before they headed for this sin ?

I don’t the find the Lord at fault , he just sent ’em down ,
I find fault in them , who came to come even more down ,
They still find it pleasant , for not being sent back next to heaven ,
Down into hell , to boil in the dirtiest blood ,
To burn on the ugliest pyre .

I feel , pity for the Journalist , who went through this ,
I feel more connected for she was a photo journalist ,
I have immense respect for you , you won at least ,
They are being put to death , when you are alive ,
Else country like India witnesses no quick decisions ,
Wont see it even in time to come ahead or soon .

You have had a boon , you made it soon ,
I bow with due respect , I support you in the Shakti Mill Case 

Duck love

Ah ! enough to fall in love with

Ah ! enough to fall in love with

My favorite , its serene

My favorite , its serene

Are you like staring me ?

Are you like staring me ?

Perfect timing

Perfect timing

Ah ! I just go gaga over that look

Ah ! I just go gaga over that look


Shot these photographs during my visit to Sukhna Lake , Chandigarh , India . I was there for our street play on the ocassion of ” Sikh Environment Day ” . I wish I was allowed more than those 5-10 minute along these ducks . They are truly , love at first sight 🙂

Nelson Mandela

What YOU make , leaves another day , 
What smiles , goes numb marking an end , 
What you play ,  pauses on some way ,
Is anything permanent ? Is anything for forever ? 
You call it law of nature , I call it end of a journey , 
The days themselves are very ironic , 
Where I see a birthday at one corner , and ,
A legend passing by . 
It has to be special , it has to be serene , 
Be it welcoming someone or a bidding goodbye to an epic ,
The icon who has lived by million hearts , 
Does deserve a salute indeed .
I may not be able to recollect when did I read this name first , 
I may not remember the question to this answer , 
I may not remember his purpose , 
But I remember that great black president , 
I remember who broke all the jinx , 
I remember that leader in making ,
Who is now rest and all at peace in his coffin .
The truth is . . 
The nation lost his Granduer , the man behind all good ,
He who reconciled and brought in human rights ,
He who gained in harmony for all ,
He who dreamt of an Africa in peace with itself ,
The motherland lost her son , people lost their father .
Sir , that remarkable 95 chapters is an inspiration for all ,
Hope millions stick to this strongest wall ,
Hope millions walk on this path again ,
But , I must say ,
Another Legacy takes a leave , sheds his soul , 
Another man brought millions of breath at hold ,
Another man paths his way to HIM .
Sir , Nelson Mandela , I am happy you are up there , 
Help mend His creatures in a way like you , 
Lessen His burden , moulding His forms for better , 
I know He will allow you for sure , 
I know He will never say no to you , 
I am happy He called you up , there ,
You deserve the much needed rest , 
You deserve a divine home .
Welcome to heaven !
– Bharath R Rao , short of words

Accept me

. . . it goes this way ,
If I fail , I hope you be there ,
Hold me up , near to your chest ,
If you be down , don’t hope any second ,
For I ‘ll be there every-while .
If you see not any more ,
That little love for me ,
I ‘ll wait till I go blind,deaf and dumb ,
For I know not anyone better to make me go numb .
I feel , dismounted to see , I no more own(anyone) I need ,
I feel , upbeat to feel , I need to earn what I [once] had with ease ,
I feel good still , I am not tired you see , 
For I still want to earn and be stable .
I was wrong maybe , when I saw you do wrong ,
I was wrong in my way , I saw you ,
I was wrong the way I spoke about ,
For I realize it now at a distance , in a bigger picture .
I realize the duty that should have been better ,
I ask for the only sorry , for I bow not for everyone ,
I bow before only a few , I bow here for you ,
To let you know , you are not any other but just that one .
Accept me the day you feel good , 
Talk , more often , speak your heart out ,
I am better now , to listen anything ,
For I have built that good outta me .
I am hungry for that few words ,
Build ’em on a request from me ,
Open that palace , I need to see ,
Reprimand and live , like a king with my queen ,
Enough of this common man , I have been ,
Let us feel the heaven , as it had been .
– Bharath R Rao , in wait for years

Ripped and Raped

Long back , I was a victim too ,
Days passed by , Sun rose , Sun did set ,
People held me , People went by , 
Some were pure love , some were lust for obvious .
I am being thrown , I am being lifted up ,
I feel happy , not very long and  soon to realise ,
To be thrown again , from a greater height than before ,
Some were pure lust , some were even worse .
I know not , why is it a curse being me , 
Why was I gifted , with a girl in me ?
Why my gift was and is or will forever be a curse , indeed ?
Why , am I touched not in a manner of grace , I feel ?
Why were some from my family and some even closer .
I am glad , I woke up this morning ,
I am glad I smiled for a moment ,
I am glad for everything , in routine ,
I am glad not anymore , that happens all again ,
I am afraid now to trust , souls around me ,
Because , some were still negligible , some were hell of ’em .
What worries me ? Still did you not get ?
What can worry a girl , a woman , a lady worse ?
What can be bitter than her respect being touched ?
What can be uglier than the ugliest crime ?
What can be darker than a physical violence ?
Should I not feel bad ? just because , 
Some are blood I know , some are the blood I should have known .
I begin from top to bottom , I can speak of it now ,
I will begin , I know I have been a victim for quite a while ,
I know , I need to stop from the root itself ,
I know , they are it , I can recognize ’em even in the least of light ,
Because , some have crossed the limit , some are on their way .
I have a face , I have a mirror ,
I can see myself , I can see my memories ,
The ugly and the bitter ones , the lovely and cuddling loves , too ,
But what happened today ….. what made it worse ? when ,
Some were next to me , some kept on touching me .
That ugly villain , perhaps in my family ,
I speak not , just to avoid any mis-happening ,
I love my father , I love my mother , I love their smiles ,
I cannot afford to put ’em to pause , just because ,
He touched me , stared me ,
Some close to my wrist , some down my knees .
I know , he waited for the signal , I never gave ,
He waited , for a chance , I never ever dreamt of ,
He kept on doing that , he kept on spoofing ,
He felt , I am a mad to accept all of it ,
I wish he knew , I wish I could tell ,
I love a few smile so much , that I dare not speak of it(villain) ,
Because , some are very dear , some even better . 
I sat with my usual covered dressing , 
I know , I do not any disgrace to provoke anyone ,
He still stared at the bossom covered ,
He raped me with eyes , I wish I could spray ,
The pepper , if I had ,
He kept dancing his fingers close to the parts , I call private ,
He kept raping , without penetrating ,
I wish , I had a rod , I could hit him with ,
But poor me , I dare not do it ,
Because , some(just him) were villain , some were my heros(parents) .
I told this to an author , I knew not he would write this long ,
I knew not , I would read it ,
I beg you all , pray for me , 
I beg you girls , be not as helpless as me ,
I beg you be criminals than being victims ,
This is what this , noble author said to me 🙂 
This is what this good friend said to me .
 – Bharath R Rao , the virtual witness 

Paul Walker

Return Back if possible , O ! man ,
I always have been so delighted , watching you ,
You were so good a man , O ! #Brian O’ Conner ,
We need you back , it isn’t complete without you ,
It isn’t . . . .

I was the happiest today , I sent a few good sms’s then ,
I called up a friend , who had birthday today ,
I was the happiest , and then a news popped up ,
#Paul #Walker , passes away . . . . .

A moment of silence , a moment of setback ,
I was numb , it was hard , how should I react ,
I was always a fan of your character ,
How can I not be loyal ,
I like no more that late Saturday , that took you away ,
I like no more that Porsche , that stole you away ,
I like no more any of it , for I liked only you in it . .

I feel I have lost the connect , I feel I have lost a gem ,
I feel what the whole world if feeling , I feel more like them ,
I am happy I can feel , else I was numb ,
Hope this feel reaches you up there ,
Hope you can see more , how people love you even more ,
Hope your charity Reach Out Worldwide does it . . .

We know you always deserved a best goodbye ,
We knew , it had to be late , in your old age ,
You went so early , You went so quick ,
My eyes were slept then , I am not even awake now ,
I want to say . . .
I am , short of words , short of emotions . . . .
Brian O’Connor , come back if you can . .
Return Back if possible , O ! man .

Till then our wishes will hold you friends good ,
Your family safe and better ,
And , your memories best . . . !

” You will be missed by all your fans . . .
If I had the power to change one thing , I would bring you back again ” was said for MJ and now I say it for you too

-Bharath R Rao , as a fan