When my grandfathers left

. . remembering my late grandfathers , all of a sudden ,
I have a thought , I have a burden .

The roots date back to an year , when I had two pieces of news ,
A week after the other , I lost my grandfather duos .

It was shocking , heart breaking , and sorrow for ofcourse ,
Many felt the same , a few held it for long , while a few for those hours .

It was difficult to make out , whether we are at a funeral ,
Or was it just any ceremony , people making day outs .

They were singing sorrows though , they were right the next moment ,
They did talk of worthless , than about the greatest dent .

I wonder , where at that moment I was ,
I wondered , are these the right people I am with ?

For the same , I have a thought of my own ,
I have a thought for my grave and funeral .


O ! People , some selfish , some real ,
Do come to my funeral with happy faces , be jovial .

Pretend not , have no formalities as well ,
Do come , the way you want , show not false feelings .

Cry for me , if the tears are holy , make not any foul of them ,
Take out a ‘lil time for me , but not the un-wanting blame .

I need not flowers , ceremonies , but for formalities ,
I need my loved ones and only that care , around the gone me .

Send me with peace , hold down those faces ,
Raise them the very next day , with pride and respect .

But , give that day for me , do not as you did ,
On the day , my grandfather went .

– Bharath R Rao


The lovely prayer


Let me smooth through my dreams , let me fly high ,
Keep me within my limits , lock me grounded beneath .

Let me see the bits and bytes of pieces , let me see the chaos ,
Allow me solve the puzzle , under my will and your attention .

I choose to be under your wisdom , I choose to live for you ,
You allow me to choose my wants , you keep me near you .

I promise to behave , I promise to be the best , and ,
If not , I never quit trying the same , O ! Mighty .

I ‘ll wakeup , live and sleep in your name , let me devote ,
I ‘ll do everything I would , for the best bargain , your love .

I am an amateur for now , I am growing with days ,
I want to the wise , growing with seconds every day .

Let me breathe in the lovely figure , that I saw never ,
Let me feel the power , I have been wishing to .

Keep me , close to you , closer to your vision ,
Let me stare you , let me devote myself in your heaven

– Bharath R Rao

Adamant Cement

. . even the hardest of stone goes smooth with time , by the river ,
Of what cement are thou ? What material is so blunt ?
I may think to break a diamond , so lovely ,
But an adamant cement , near to ugly .

Of all what surprises is the die hard , pride in it ,
” I wont budge down , I would show up real things then “ ,
” I wont agree to it , because I was rejected “ ,
Revenge is a momentary delight , lesson is for life .

Better to learn soon , you are nearing end ,
Better to reprimand , than to end in valley of regrets ,
Slightest of anything so far , may hit you hard ,
I worry , may make things around you harsh .

God ! Have pity , show mercy ,
If you set things right , to peace ,
If you set things , a ‘lil far ,
If you could do that , small thing for me

– Bharath R Rao

Time ago

. . . . time ago , there was a time another ,
For his good deeds , was cursed together ,
No matter what he did , how good he was ,
Was brought down , with no valid clause .

Days passed , the sun rose , and did set ,
He kept ignoring things , as if never happened ,
Water crossed overhead , things went too far ,
Was accused/accursed again of nothing he did .

Boycott was the only option he had , to be safe at ,
He did , for months , he had in written ,
It was quite a joy then , and perhaps the best peace ,
He felt on a day specific , to forgive the bitten .

He did set up things , to be same as never before ,
Things went good , but not better , was indeed an effort ,
He still was at no blame but for speaking less ,
The blame was , that he was treating less .

And , now there is this another day ,
The ugliest of joy has made a return ,
A declined proposal meets a declined request ,
A proposal clashes against a helpless necessity .

This was till it was , patience too has an ending ,
If its time for a payback , he can be wilder than any demon ,
Bound by humanity , bound by values , he chooses to stay mum ,
All for a reason , that he loves his peace more than the curse .

Adreno Dream

I stand arms opened , with curiosity ,
I hope to find that charm soon , and I enter the city ,
It speaks of magic and illusion , within ,
It says not no to any one willing to head in .

Amidst , all the money oriented relief , there exists ,
Another city , you may want to visit ,
There resides a mountain of dreams , and valley beneath ,
The sailing palace , with no one a King .

I welcome you on this exile , come join me ,
I have not yet found the illusive kingdom of dreams ,
I never dreamt of them either , never ever ,
Then how come I reached here ? What am I heading to have ?

I know not , what it all is , how is it all ?
I know not , how it began ? how will it end ?
I call it rush , from within , the holy adrenaline ,
That asks me [to] do it , and I be the ready made puppet for it .

Being so , does not snatch the freedom I hold ,
I be puppet in limit , I be in my senses , with strings ,
I feel what is being done , I feel what am I doing ,
I fail to know , what is adrenaline .

A sudden gush of stormy hope , runs into my veins ,
Asks me search the palace , even in my immortal state ,
I begin , I head ahead , I am about to reach , I see the sunrise ,
I open my eyes , and then , it was just a dream .

– Bharath  R Rao

Secret of secrets

I am tired , going into those books , 
I am tired , reading for a reason .

I would rather get up , fly down the aisle , 
Move into the fresh air , smell in the innocent nature .

Is there a way out of this prison ? 
Is there any time , the door opens ? Will I need a special permission ?

I am finding the way out , since ages ,
I have gone through teen , and now in my twenties .

They told me not to lose , the rest hope I have along ,
Is the only reason , I am still on my way to search for .

I see, this isn’t that easy , for things never come this free ,
If they do , they wont rejoice , in a long run spree .

I wish there be an encounter with the Mighty King , someday ,
I wish he asks me , what I need for the remaining days .

The secret of secrets be revealed , the door be opened for me at least (I would say ) ,
Let me enter in , play me good as if I am puppet .

Let me , see and feel , the wanting ,
Let me infuse in the serene wisdom present .

If I fail on my way , do take care of everyone associated ,
If I win , keep me grounded , O ! Almighty .

This is all , I request you .

– Bharath R Rao

Sleep that sleep

If you sleep that sleep , you never wished to sleep ,
You lie that sleep , lying next to that sleep .

If you sleep with a need to sleep , you always wished to ,
You are the only honest then , lying with the one you deserve to .

The best of world , the best of luxuries ,
The priceless return and opportunities , is that only sleep .

I would love sleep that sleep next to thee ,
Share the lovely dark and divine , next to me .

Would , you let me , pull you into this ?
Or should take it a yes in advance , preparing your return .

I ever wished , to sleep in peace , out of these wordily world ,
With her of course , who would wish the same indeed .

Be it , next to my grave , or next to anywhere in silence ,
I would want that peace , I would want to live that peace .

– Bharath R Rao

If exam were diaries

. . .if exams were diaries , and diaries measured in length ,

If marks were for length and knowledge I have ,I would excel in that .

I am doing good even now but for the sake of doing ,

I would do even better , if let be done for what I want to . 

What rope is holding me back and tight ?
I know not , but the miseries of society are doing good killing dream pace .

If I were allowed to change one thing , I would do this for all ,
If we were paid for what we did , I would do that when I am a GOD .

I would do this , I would that , but for what ?
Just because I feel so , isn’t that selfish on my part .

He is right , the great , the mighty ,
He does it for a reason and pays ample in return to nothing he takes .

. . . if exams were diaries , I never wrote what I earned learning ,
If marks were for length , I would never know the quality writing .


I am doing even now , I will be doing better for sure ,

I would do even better , if let be done for what I am destined to .


What harness is gripping me safe and sound ?

The art of respecting , what I have , what I deserve .

Even I were allowed to change one thing , 

I would ever want HIM on HIS throne .

Amin !
-Bharath R Rao

Unknown Relation

. . . and there is this guy , I see , few times after few years ,
A man with a mark of intelligence , class talks ,
Sheer genius , sharp in words , and high on anger ,
There is this thing in him or is it just I feel ? 

I grew up seeing him , the way he portrayed himself ,
I find him good at times , I tell that to myself ,
He is good at giveaways , time and morals ,
He lacks at few places , that I disrepute ,
He lacks at places , I am found ,
There is this thing in him or is it just I feel ? 

Perhaps a relative , hence I respect ,
Perhaps , a closer relative to my closest , hence I respect even more ,
Perhaps , am the one he ignores the most , hence I keep respecting for that too ,
I see him smile that smile for one , I feel outcast ,
I see him be in front , and see none of me and mine around ,
There is this thing in him or is it just I feel ?

At times , I found a way to make things better ,
I came ahead , to talk a few things good ,
He did , he did very well , but for just that moment in a well ,
10 minutes later , we were nothing but strangers ,
I have been bleeding this hurt , I am bleeding it with smile ,
I least bother now , I worry  not much about ,
For I have people , who are more to me ,
There is this thing in him or is it just I feel ?

I am happy over one thing , and only that thing ,
He may ignore my presence , he may dislike me ,
He loves more the one , I love as well ,
And , that loves me more , than anyone else ,
There is this guy , I cannot ignore ,
There is him , I respect and least adore ,
I still doubt that one thing ,
There is this thing in him or is it just I feel ? 

– Bharath R Rao