Help Me , I am Caught

Synopsis : I was put into the competition , by their decision . I hence had to write the poem . Now , the time comes where I had to narrate it .

The funny part : Not many applauded , I was sure of such response . Not many understood perhaps . I wish no one applauded and I was just the maiden choice .

Quick and swift I was , than I am now ,
More concerned , family man I was , than I am now ,
I was independent , every second a year ,
I am now dependent on my best friends ! Marijuana , Heroine , Cocaine, Ketamine etc ,
Trust me , for I ain’t a liar .

I begin my day with a puff , so strong ,
I lose my virtue , I lose who I am ,
It fits me in , helps me escape ,
Relieves my boredom , grow up and rebel ,
After this , I loved poisons that kept me alive .

Odd , irrational , inappropriate , destructive , you may say ,
Pleasant , high , solution , intelligent , creative is what I feel .

I know by the time the day ends and sun sets ,
I am tired , I am sluggish and caught within ,
I enjoy this life , I enjoy this loneliness ,
That is better than friends who abandoned me ,
Family who left me , wife who humiliated ,
Mother whom I never saw , and father who never showed up .

Help me gain the fame , losing the wealth of drugs ,
Help me conquer the love , leaving the lust of drugs ,
Accept me , render me escape this euphoria and hallucination ,
Make me quick and swift like I was , than I am now .

– ✎ Bharath R Rao


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