Magician , I ain’t

I ain’t a magician , you call me like ,
I speak the truth , the way you like .

Speaking of the goodness , instills no way ,
The need to confess , ever on my way .

Turn around , swirl a bit , hold your breath ,
Look above , look below and expel(out) your breath .

The world looks serene , so beautiful ,
With people like me , and some like you , beautiful .

I spell not , within the four walls , to spellbound(you) ,
I write , speak and express to reach beyond this bound(ary) .

I was not this , I am this at the moment ,
The moment is a gift you gave me this moment .

Lets cherish every bit of this we have ,
Lets love and express every magician we have .

I alone ain’t a magician , you call me like ,
Let us all be the common truth , the way you like .

Bharath R Rao


Once | Now | Hence

(She begins)

She said once , she was so much lost ,
In change , that she lost her life she lived .

She is alive still , living a life so new ,
Everyday is an other with nothing like previous .

Fun , should it be ? Right ,
But no , it isn’t that easy as this writing .

What makes it unusual , is all that she is missing at ,
Adventure , kindness and her love for life and people .

Humor is so less present , that the evil laughs aloud ,
The hardships are high but the destiny shifts a little everyday .

She is as dry as her bone , with nothing to oil and lubricate ,
She is helpless for her own deeds , for her own way of life .

She is desperate to return , she is desperate to change ,
She wants her smile back , she wants herself for her .

She is living her pain in detail ,
She is re-living all she need not to .

(He answers)

Questions you raise , in IF ,
Has also the answers , in affirmatives .

What you complaint , you know not about ,
You agree later you are across it .

Keep peace , calm and patience ,
It isn’t that easy , but not that difficult as well .

Let time settle the sands of time ,
Like the pebbles of that CROW .

Let , life too have a silver lining ,
Let a rainbow flow , with more colors than usual .

True , you didn’t deserve it , but you chose it ,
Hence every bit you have , is a surprise in disguise .

I was not as happy as today , I was not this always ,
I chose this way of life , I chose being this .

I might not be The Perfect but ,
I am close to my wanting , I am close to me .

Bharath R Rao

She , at times

Why is she , so odd at times ,
A bit natural , a bit too unnatural ,
What spell would set her right ?
What surprise would set her bright ?

No wonder , what all sweet words you pour ,
Wont bear a fruit , till she feel its thirst ,
She ‘ll keep bearing it within , but wont burst out ,
She ‘ll keep you away , but wont lash at(you) .

HE made you that delicate , that strong ,
HE made me , a companion to share with ,
Then why , am I not being told about(it) ?
Then why , am I put to silence ?

Answer to this is not that easy to fetch ,
If it were that real easy , to know ,
HE would have made her in a day and not in time ,
HE would have made just her , and not , the her in her .

Bharath R Rao

If re-incarnations are true

Quadrillions pass by , trillions stay ,
Billions move away and millions stray .

A few you count upon and one you choose ,
While , many still in the stack you count .

I would make my wish , if it were true ,
I would to re-incarnate with each , once every life .

Those who choose , to stay away ,
You deserve a bow , you deserve a respect .

For you lessen my burden ,
You lessen my count .

For those that matter ,
Trust me , I ‘ll return .

Bharath R Rao

Rumor I heard

Rumor you build on the sandy castle ,
Is no where near to my pure morals ,
Say , whatever you might want to , on my back ,
I ‘ll keep on adorning my truth on my face .

A request , I would make , to tame your image ,
Say not , what you know not about ,
Speak not , what you need not to , 
Still , if you need to continue , speak in front .

Try not to be the coward , in your blood ,
Try not to disgrace the parents you had/have ,
For , a coward can never be a warrior ,
And , my blood speaks of honesty you never have ,
Of honesty , you can never digest .

Bharath R Rao 


Likhta rahun is qadar | When I do keep writing this way  ,

Toh bas ek hi darr satata hai | A fear contaminates my thought and instill a fear more ,
Kahin is kalam ki siahi na khatam hojaye  | That , may not I pause ever  , may not I cease to breath in the middle .

Chahata rahun is qadar kisi ko | When I keep affection for someone so dear ,
Toh bhi bs ek hi darr satata hai | Again a fear re-traces and surfaces so tight that ,
Kahin ruk na jaye is ragon main khoon |I fear , may not my nerves go pale , may not blood ever drain ,
Kahin mohabbat na kamm pad jaye | And , may my love ever fade .

Chalte chalte us or | Walking towards that pole ,
Firse ek darr satata hai | A fear makes a comeback and forces me ,
Kahin manzil ka kinara na ajaye | To worry about whereabouts if I reach my destiny ,
Mushkil se yeh zindigi chuni thi | For , with not much ease , I chose this life ,
Kahin dusri manzil chunte chunte | And now changing over to something else , at this point ,
Yeh zindigi na khatam hojaye | Might cost my age , that has not left much to breathe .

Jeete jee , bas ek hi dua krta hun | As long as I live , I keep on praying this ,
Jeete jee har pal jiyun is qadar | As long as I live this way ,
Ki koi kami zyatti na bann jaye | May not any shortcomings become an ache for me ,
Kisi khushi ki kami na reh jaye | May not any moment to cherish become a shortcoming for me
Siaahi , Khoon , Mohabbatt aur Zindigi ka meheka lehraye | May my breath , nerves , love and life lead a healthy spree

Bharath R Rao

Promise , she made

He was touched today , once again , 
Why did it happen today ?

Days ago , she poured  some rain ,
Swollen eyes , showed her pain ,
What good friend , would take it alone ?
What good friend , would bear it alone ?

He took a promise , he made her swear ,
Promise , that you would rain never ,
Promise , you would smile for ever , 
Promise you would , share your worries ,
We , ‘ll tackle with not much worries .

That promise , spelled magic today ,
She said , and continued ,
I would not cry , since you wont allow me to ,
I would rather be with HIM , and let me stay ,
Off these tears , HE would render me peace at HIS bay ,
The almighty he is , would drain me till I begin to smile again .

He was touched today , once again ,
After so many days , 
Trust me , for I am the eye witness !

Bharath R Rao

Apology and Reply

” Apology and Reply “

I was in a good mood then , and something happened just after that text ,
What was it  ? How bad can it be ? How worse it , could have had been ?
My friend , did think about all of it ;
I made a sneaky escape then ,
I spoke not much after that , I resisted my hate for a while then ,
Hate , for the past incident ,
For , that I cherish not meanwhile , and wont ever in the future ever .
What exactly was it ? What is this all about ? Enough of curiosity , it is .

Once upon a time , like many great stories , this was woven too ,
I was in a my high school , riding high on smiles , with few junks nearby ,
Like every success story has a black sheep puking onto it , I had one such too ,
 Day went like horses , but junk kept rusting even worse , 
I could bear that least then , when I thought to put a stop to that rust ,
The junk , poured some onto me , I held it away , off me ,
Then came even more of it , I couldn’t stand still ,
I spoke , for my respect , under my will ,
I said , that I should not have had otherwise ,
But , it was justified , for that moment , that was not very wise .

I wished not to hear it ever again , but time did bring me there again ,
A good friend , did poke a fun , she was unaware of ,
The rust came back again , and so did the whole picture along ,
I was taken back , for a “while” , 
That “while” grew a bit more long and grew into hours of tension and worries ,
My friend felt sorry for her words , and I felt sorry too .

She knew not what she spoke , I knew she didn’t mean to ,
She deserved an apology , she deserved her time to smile , I guess ,
That moment , shook her that bad , that she forgot anything she had ,
She missed her meeting with the Lord , 
She missed to smile , for very long , for a reason I gave her ,
I am sorry for all of it , I said in mere words I could ,
I did my best to set things on the roll , back again .

A good friend is a good friend , she accepted the apology ,
And made her reply shine brighter than mine ,
She accepted all of it very gently and warm heart ,
We were back on the jolly ride , fun and off the rusty scene ,
Near the coast of joy , closer to relief .

What really are best friends for ? This is it , this is it 

 – Bharath R