Thank you all

I would want to write a letter , my words of gratitude ,
To all those who matter , who stood by me when I was mute .

I want to thank you(all), who gave me warmth , when I felt cold ,
My veins might have had freezed(otherwise) , from the breeze that did unfold .

I bow in front of all you , that make me what I am , 
Those that accept me for what I am , than what they want me to be .

Blessed I am , for those few numbers but gems I have in my palm ,
Closer to my heart , bright in my eyes and high on my crown .

May we all build a bond stronger and vibrant ,
May we all , hope for a better future for each other .

Let there be love , peace and freedom this year to begin ,
Let there be space for everyone and gift them with reverence .

Bharath R Rao


Let her free

She used to smile next to that man ,
It was time that good , a wonderful span .

Time bought in issues , the man stood by ,
She felt protected , she reciprocated .

Every good man would do it , for no price ,
Every woman would expect that , for no reason .

She ignored all the warnings beside her ,
He took her for granted , he felt her a(his) property.

With that clock pacing with time , time began to rot ,
Then came the time , when they fell apart .

He came over to set things right , to get back her ,
She resisted a bit , got hit very bad in return .

It grew worse , it grew into a curse ,
Tears rolled down , he began to be selfish as fraud .

Anyone would respect him for the time in past ,
And hit him down his level , for the sorrows he gave .

They are alive still as in individual , a woman she is ,
An immature boy , maybe , he is , to be modest .

She needs an escape out all this , to breathe fresh ,
He lets not her to be her , dragging her down in chain .

She is begging for a relief , from the devil and his beings ,
She is asking for a melody of smile , and not baggage of being a slave .

Fed up of his , repeated threats and fears ,
She bangs her head into the wall of yester day’s fault .

He weeps in , with no emotions but selfishness ,
She weeps for her fate and destiny .

She was never more than good friend , to him ,
A queen she is , says the self proclaimed king he can’t be .

People , who stand next to her , have a sense of fear now ,
He threatens them , for he fails to do anything with love .

She wont smile ever , as long as he is alive ,
For he will cross his limits , to be a better worse , than he is .

Shame , it is for the man he was , for the lame he is ,
Proud she will be , if he leaves her be the way she was and want to be .

Bharath R Rao

The change…

It is as if , I thought of writing . But as ever , its much more beautiful than I could have had 🙂


The only constant thing in life is CHANGE. Everything is always changing, we are also in a constant state of change, whether we want it or not but we must learn to adapt, accept and trust the change.

Sometimes the change isn’t easy…it take time to gel into it but we got to learn that sometimes we have to accept the truth and stop wasting time on the wrong things. And that’s exactly the time when we need to move on. Once you have made the decision to move on, don’t look back. You won’t find your future in the rear view mirror!

Remember, life goes on with or without you. There comes a time when you are completely shattered and there seems no way to get out of it, you feel helpless but you have to trust your own madness and there will open doors where there were only…

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Peshawar Attack | A shame | A doubt on humanity

A friend sent off a note to me ,
That read , “ Did you look up in the sky ? “

I replied , ” No , I didn’t . What makes it special , so much ? “
That , you asked with so much love for that sky .

Then , came a reply and I had to get up ,
O ! For the beautiful sky , I saw once in my lifetime ,
At this hour of the night , when there was nothing to hear ,
Nothing to see but this , rust red sky above ,
And this moron , lying beneath , thinking , is it love ?

16 December 2014 , came across me all at once then ,
The innocent bloods that they spilled on the ground so serene ,
In the temple of studies and the mosque of love with no finish ,
That scene became more vibrant up above in the sky ,
I wish I was right , if that was just what I thought .

If they thought of it , it was never bought down like a devil’s(place),
If they ever knew , what it is , in the name of religion they did ,
It would have had never be so depressing , as this ,
What fault had those tiny minds , and high smiles had in them ,
That you took ’em down without a chance of escape ?

If you call yourself a man , then I doubt manliness ,
If you say , you did that in the name of Lord , I know not any one such ,
If you read somewhere , I saw not not such book in my lifetime ,
If you have reasons many , and some other , let me know ,
If good enough , take my life too , as a gift for you .

The sky I saw , reminded all of it last night , wish I could feel ,
Than being numb like no life within , no love for life in me ,
The blood that they spilled days before , showed up in rust red ,
Like a memoir , up above the world so high ,
Starring legends , like a diamond in the sky .

I wish I could ask you , how could you ever do that ?
I wish I could put down one of your blood , and ask you , how you feel ?
For then you would say , ” Save my blood , for a reason . “
I would even then , say , ” I never would be like thee , I never want to be “
I fire not innocent ,  I fire not for any sense , I am human to you failed to be .

What bad time was the Lord in , that he made ,
Devils like you , that know not if anything worth exists ,
Than being a jerk for a lifetime , with guns and no mind in ,
If you ever would know , about have one , do let me know ,
For I doubt humanity in shame , for people like you .

If curses are true , you earned ’em many , 
If revenges exists , you have many against ,
If you ever fear of anything , don’t pretend to be ,
For , time it is , that you are not left with , anymore ,
Time it is , we cut , ugly people like you out of everything .

Amin ! I love all those children like my own , I might have someday ,
I love you like my own nation because I hate discrimination .

Bharath R Rao , in grief

That sensual moment

I held your hand , and pulled you closer ,
I held your stance , and lifted your higher.

Closer you came , and wilder it became ,
We left our grip and tightened our lips .

I swirled , around and you left my grip(hold) ,
You turned your back and , wilder it grew .

We left to tame it , since then ,
Those that rubbed against , would know how it felt , then .

December it is , let it heat up even more ,
Let the burning desire , sweat down from the crown .

Keep the eye lids down , and feel these words ,
Down your ears , hear their chords .

Curse me not , for you ‘ll have your turn ,
To turn me(on) even more , than already I am .

Let us weave this night , the milestone we are nearing to,
Let us witness , the climax we had been waiting for .

Hold your conscious , be in your senses ,
Loose not your strength , that you had been holding for so long !

Those that feel it now , will know not ,
Like it was , for it won’t be felt like it was .

Bharath R Rao

In my arms

I get lost in those windows of your eyes so beautiful ,
Whenever I gaze through them , for I never met them before ,
I came close , closer and they sparkled even more ,
What closer could I come after that , for the air suffocated !

That private moment , in those late late hours of the day ,
Was no where less , than a painters art and my say ,
A musicians chord of melody , a chef’s delight ,
Or the best pleasure in my arms , so late .

Oh ! That call , my mistress gave , to get down as soon as I can ,
For we could receive the beautiful lady of mine ,
I could not let myself go that soon , and wait for the clock to strike right,
Those ten minutes went so hard , I tell you , and were so harsh .

The clock struck 12 , that night , when you walked down the aisle ,
That gown , that rush , that smile , was like never seen before ,
I remember my wait , till you stepped near to the last stair , 
How you jumped , off your feet and I held you tight !

They might call it flesh , I call it the skin I love ,
They know not me better , and I know not anyone better than you ,
I prove not anyone anymore , for I have you in my arms ,
The ocean I met in you , is the dream come true .

The music , they began , the  violin they played , 
An arm in my left and the the other round your waist ,
Closer to you bosom , closer was my chest ,
I could not thank you enough then , as much I thank you now .

Those hours we spent , before the legacy then ,
Were the joyous , than any war I won , any test I passed ,
I could not let you go that easy , for you are the sword ,
Perfect for the King I want to be .

Call , it a romance or the words of honesty ,
Call it original or an inspiration from somebody ,
I  am loving all of it , I am loving this moment I am in ,
I am loving the jealousy , others are in .

Hold my hand , for we can complete this !

Bharath R Rao


Misconceptions , I love you ,
For you surrounded me , since the day I came across , 
To know what you are , how creepy you are ,
Once every day , once every moment , just like this guy .

I need not clear to that one single person , for I ‘ll waste my time ,
I have many , who know , what it is and what I am ,
I have this huge ocean of thoughts for the one I love , 
Than wasting my seconds on the one I merely know about .

Misconceptions , I love you ,
For you kept my few seconds , above ,
Than the hours I be like , and be with ,
I least bother again , for I ain’t a pretender like you .

I rise , I remember , I continue ,
I enjoy , to see what I ever did not ,
I enjoy , every bit if it , I am having huge laugh over it ,
Please stay , for you are fun in my life .

I love you misconception !

Bharath R Rao

Break , if you can

I am like the water with a flow ,
Break me at an end , I ‘ll boom with a new course ,
Think not , much for I can take many forms ,
Worry not much , for I ‘ll clean your wounds ,

I am stranger you know from the past ,
I am your enemy , since you thought ,
I am a many of your dreams in disguise ,
I am the king of goodness , you failed to know .

I am you spectator , take me off my boredom ,
I am by that side , you want me not ,
I am sound , patient and glad to see ,
What would you do to break this rope of trust ?

Bharath R Rao

Something called hope

I might not be the best orator around the universe ,
I might not make the best person among many men ,
I still stand a chance , no matter how ,
For there is something called hope , no matter why .

I would try , try and try , to a limit I can touch ,
I might fail , fail and fail . in all my search ,
I might not stand up again , but I still stand a chance ,
For there is something called hope , no matter why .

To beat someone down , was never a vision ,
To strive ahead for myself , was always a dream ,
Might take time , might turn sweet , for you still stand a chance ,
For there is something called hope , no matter why .

Be not better than any one , but yourself ,
Try not being someone better than , but yourself ,
Lose not your morals , but the immoral in you(is how I think),
Things might soon set right , for there is something called hope , no matter why .

Times may get personal , sour and full of worries ,
I might not hold tight grip of it , I might lose at one end ,
I wont let that go away , as far as I can ,
For there is something called hope , no matter why .

Bharath R Rao