Her doubts

Why such a big boy , now a man , carries a bag with five notebooks ?

Why does he even carry two bags daily ?

Why is it so that only you call him the whole day , while he never calls you back ?

Why is it that you wait for him , and he never attends you ?

Why is it that I(convict) am jealous ?

Are not such questions so familiar these days ? I don’t know about you people , but yes it is for me .

Now , well let this author begin to reply all of them , with a little sarcasm and bitter truth along them .

Big boy , now a man , has big brain , now and then ,
Likes to arrange things in order , like his mother arranging home in fashion .

Coming to bags , that he carries , are again in order , with a tech in one and paper in the other ,
More to just this , he flaunts his power , for people call him slim and lean that can not pick a feather .

You would always know , she calls me for you are with her 24/7 ,
You would never know when I do , for I do it late in hours , in and out of heaven .

To wait is her personal choice , to attend is my regards for her ,
To malignate is your nature and , my failure to attend is work at times and a reason to avoid retards next to her .

” He is famous , because of you , and you are pretty by birth and the place you hail from ,
I got no place , face and fame , you see ,
Hence to be jealous , is all me ” , said she .

Bharath R


9000 times , I wonder

A thousand times I would thank you for your kindness , for your goodness and innocence altogether ,
I wonder how would I repay the same for all your selfless loyalty , I have been with .

 A thousand times I relive all those moments , that went past with time , I could not catch like those butterflies ,
I wonder how would I thank you for those , and direct back a movie for you alike  .

A thousand times more I try writing high and beyond ever written for anyone , anywhere ,
I wonder , how would I stop failing all those thousand times , for not having found the prime . 

A thousand times I witness that lady , coming and asking me for my wellness , caressing me , let me loose myself in a tender sleep ,

I wonder how , ever my try would be as good as those lady in reality , lady in dreams , and that lady , I call mother .

A thousand times , I wish for that I have not for the moment , but then I see it next to me ,
I wonder , how would I ever thank HIM enough for letting me have what , was never mine till I possessed .

A thousand times , I breathe in peace , and then happen to lose that temper to not that deserved one ,
I wonder , how would I lay a grip on that , to attain peace all my seconds , I should only be rejoicing otherwise .

A thousand times and more I believe in all , she says , and then comes a moment , when I see cruel one aiming for this trust ,
I wonder , how would I banish all that , willing to pull down those pillars of trust , for I risk not anyone bring harm any closer to it .

A thousand times I would like to take opportunities such , to thank you for bearing my stupidity and dark side altogether ,
I wonder , how would I ever be so strong as you , if the roles mentioned above switch in opposites .

A thousand times I would  , repeat all the above eight thousand deeds in favor and for good ,
I wonder , if ever the numbers went beyond mentioned , would things be same as now ?

Bharath R Rao