A roar of a tigress  , a cry of an ailing bird . . .

I was a tigress then ,
I made my own way .

I jumped onto you ,
And , scratched you to death .

Was that a mistake or your destiny ?
For you returned alive , even worse .

I feel caged now ,
My wings of freedom have begun to wither .

I was sorry before , but not anymore ,
You were alive then but now , dead forever .

My claws that were strong once ,
Are weaker like nails .

My mind that was fearless at that peak ,
Is wanting peace that a bird deserves .

Forgive me for my sins ,
Be not a sinner , in return .

Leave me alone at my den ,
Free me from this cage you made .

I am a lone survivor ,
Not a bird that you [want to] buy her .

Bharath R Rao


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