“Write for me a letter” , said ..

Everything has a time ,
Every day is mine ,

Let the day be yours , or call it ours ,
Keep it as a present or as a cure .

You never write this for me ,
I told you several times .

Say , it with mirth , say it aloud ,
Let they hear ,  let them swallow .

Go into the open space  , get some fresh air ,
Spell it out even louder  , let them feel it too .

I have felt it , I have seen it , [but] ,
Have not heard it often , from you .

I demand an epic , ages old style letter ,
In my name , in the name of truth,honesty and good news .

Not that , I know not ,
Not that , not that it cannot .

But , for the pleasure , it holds ,
For the peace it gives .

For the frustration , it vanishes ,
For the purity it reveals  .

Say it , say it several times ,
I hear it from many , but from special mine .

From others , it sounds gross or just good ,
From you  , I know it would be as pure as you.

Length of your writing , is upto you ,
Motions , should pierce my heart and reach back to you .

I ‘ll appreciate and nod a yes , for all you write ,
Write it like never written before .

Let they , be jealous ,
Let they , be at unrest .

Not that , they have done injustice ,
But , just because they haven’t been as expressive as you.

Thereby , I made a request to you in private ,
But , let the answer be made public .

Let the museums , have it in highest jewel ,
Let it be , the wealthiest master penned .

Worry not , about the handwriting ,
Its beautiful , with patience and style .

Worry about , pleasing me ,
For all I bow , is now or never .

It may sound as a joke , it will ,
I was infact joking , when I said worry .

I have complete faith in you ,
Whatever you do , I ‘ll abide by .

Whatever you write  ,
Will be for me , in facts .

Bharath R Rao


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