You humiliate the sand , 
It will hit you back like a rock .

You humiliate rock , 
It will hinder you as a wall .

You humiliate the wall ,
It will kidnap you in a room .

You humiliate the room ,
It will kick you out in the storm .

You humiliate the storm ,
It will rip you apart into pieces .

Instead , respect what you have ,
What others have , be in pieces or surplus .

The moment you begin , 
The humiliation will return to kiss your feet 

Bharath R Rao


Strong girl

Opportunities in one hand , worries in another ,
Balance , if you lose , you lose your battle .

Stay head strong , stay focused ,
Nothing can put you down , or leave behind .

Hold the good memories , that strengthen you ,
Hold the weaker ones too , to strengthen them in return .

Your will , is your power ,
You wisdom , is your partner .

You can defeat all odds , shut all mouths ,
You can emerge a king , in the gown of the queen , you are .

Best creations , of Lord , ought not cry as weak as this ,
They are there to smile , as if it’s His’ !

Bharath R Rao

Said so

Nature said , you love me for relief ,
Tongue said , I have no belief .

Sense said , they all lie , and you are no different ,
Body said , you only want to to lay , you are no different .

But , there stood firm a feel ,
There stood a medicinal value and heal .

I said , to that flesh ,
Hate me more , if you feel so .

Love me not , for if I am no different ,
Hate , them for they are the same .

The blood spilled out , said I feel dishonest ,
Hand , held them , you are not at blame  .

Request asked to leave it alone ,
Honesty said , how I could , when you never left me .

Bharath R Rao

Timeline ft Shah Rukh Khan

When , I be at your profile , 
I read the handle with delight .

This is the moment , this is the time ,
I feel embraced , and feel all of this is mine .

Then , I begin it , 
This way . . . . 

You are my podium , you are my stage ,
You are my audience , you are my praise .

I feel well here , I feel good this way ,
Accept my regards , accept my reverence .

Bharath R Rao